Since disability protection is not ensured by the German government, employees can hardly expect any benefits in case of occupational disability. With Swiss Life Preferred Deutschland, you offer your employees a flexible insurance solution covering death and disability risks and enable them to lead a self-determined life even in extraordinary leave situations thanks to comprehensive insurance coverage.

  • Unconditional protection

    All illnesses are covered (no exclusion for pre-existing diseases, no medical check) as well as high-risk professions and leisure activities. Insurance cover remains unchanged in case of extraordinary leave.

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    Ultra-simplified administration

    The contract can be adapted annually to your and employees' needs. Administration is streamlined by renewing the plan and updating members only once a year.

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    Highly competitive price

    Swiss Life Global Solutions is able to offer up to 30% lower premiums compared to incumbent insurers for equal insurance coverage.

A single plan combining company and employee goals

Protect and add value to your business

  • Shape attractive employee benefit packages that underline your goal of retaining employees to ensure long-term business continuity.
  • Take responsibility to care for your employees and their families by providing financial protection in case of disability or death, which is key to a loyal and motivated workforce.
  • Set yourself apart from the competition by recruiting qualified employees who expect added value to their salary package and a responsible employer.
  • Offer your employees what others don't: flexibility! With our continuation option, you enable them to take over the insurance contract privately.

Give your employees security and peace of mind

  • Offer your employees attractive disability and death cover free of any charge, so they can lead a self-determined life with financial confidence at all times.
  • Provide them with maximum flexibility through unchanged insurance cover in the event of parental leave, sabbatical leave or short-time working (e.g. COVID-19).
  • Give them the security of full coverage, even in the case of pre-existing diseases, heavy diseases such as cancer or autoimmune diseases.
  • Continuation option available! We offer your employees the chance to continue the company benefits plan on a private basis if they decide to leave your company.

Experts at your side

  • Flexibility

    We are the cross-border competence center of the Swiss Life Group. You can rely on our strong expertise in Employee Benefits and the top-class modular solutions of a trusted partner.

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    More than 500 international companies trust us. We have the experience of managing all types of companies, including large accounts (> 35,000 members).

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    Local know-how

    Benefit from Swiss Life Germany's in-depth knowledge of the local healthcare system and expertise in financial, pension and occupational benefits solutions for your company.

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